Science Proves What You Already Knew

MedScape Screenshot
Medical and scientific research can help reveal amazing and shocking discoveries. For example, learning that Human Papilloma Virus infections can lead to cervical cancer can lead to vaccines and a reduction in that form of cancer. Research can also make people say, "yeah, duh, we know." (Journal of the American Medical Association: electric fans can help you feel cool on hot days)

Sometimes proving what is already "known" can be helpful because having data to actually back up a belief makes it easier to make recommendations, whether that's on a patient level or more broadly as it pertains to national policy. I mean, science has proven that cigarette smoking is bad, so we've completely gotten rid of... oh, well, maybe that's a bad example, because money can always be used to combat data. 

But I digress.

My goal today is to show some of the vast amount of data that has proven what you and I already knew; that being outdoors is good for the body and the brain. 

You CAN scan through these articles, a mere sampling of some that I've found, but you could just do what I'm about to do; head outside to gather data on your own.

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