SafeTrails:  First Aid Skills for Outdoor Enthusiasts Building on nearly 20 years of clinical practice , the majority of that in emergency medicine, and more than a decade of experience providing lectures to physician assistant students at master's degree institutions across New England , I'm now offering first aid courses specifically geared towards front country trail users. Most people are familiar with the concept of " back country " which implies that you'll be remote and away from services. Front country is the space that most trail users occupy, where you're not in the middle of nowhere and help likely can get to you.  The problem is that while an injured person may only be a mile or two from an access point, the average walking speed is about 3 miles per hour, so it could easily take an hour or more for EMTs or other rescue personnel to get to an injured person.  This program will help you be prepared to deal with many common injuries and determine

Don't Forget Your Water Wings

Tick Talk 2

I Got Stabbed For This Article

Whistling in the Wind

FOOSH! (1)

Itsy Bitsy Spiders, Crawling Up Waterspouts And Not Trying To Kill You

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Trail-side Pulse Check: The Fingers as Medical Tools

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"The problem with winter sports is that they generally take place in winter" -- Dave Barry

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The Best First Aid Kit (is the one you bring).

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